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In daily life wearing masks should pay attention to what consumers

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-17
Consumers in daily life wearing masks should pay attention to what is not all strange masks should all, daily life we often wear. People wear masks primarily to protect people's health, but many consumers often ignore some details when wearing masks, and consumers to wear method is wrong, so consumers in daily life to wear disposable respirator should pay attention to what? Unnecessarily long time wearing a mask for a long time wearing a mask not only uncomfortable, and there is no necessary. Often see some people in the open air on the streets of a person to walk still wore masks, from the Angle of prevent the spread of disease is it doesn't make any sense. In the present epidemic season, it is recommended that the citizens have following situations must wear mask: or escort her family the fever outpatient service seeing a doctor to the hospital; Home to take care of the mild respiratory infectious diseases such as influenza a (H1N1); Mild flu patients go out when it is close contact with others; When the bus, subway and other public transportation. Correct use of masks are usually buy disposable masks in the pharmacy is a common surgical masks, medical wear to wash your hands before, in order to avoid pollution masks inside, after wearing masks with both hands to fold masks will be opened at the same time, make the mask completely cover your mouth and nose and chin, and press the bridge of the nose with his fingers on both sides of the metal strip, make upper respirator can close to the bridge of the nose, so as to better play a protective effect. Pay attention to and face in the shape of a closed air just like water, where small resistance will be the first to flow. When the shape and the face mask is not closed, as will never closed in danger in the air leak into, enter the human respiratory tract. So, even if you choose filter material again good mask. Can protect your health. Now many overseas regulatory standards, workers should be masks and test on a regular basis. The purpose is to ensure that workers use less appropriate respirator and in the correct steps to wear masks. Diligently to clean masks will inside the nose and mouth part contact with saliva, without being cleaned and bacteria that do not conform to the requirements of health. Cotton fiber is generally very thick mask, can't effectively filter the smaller particles, and largely not passed international safety certification, protection and insecurity. Gauze mask almost useless, flat on both sides of the nose is too big. Disposable masks should be how to clean and use in daily life daily life mask choose in what aspects
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