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In the daily life of disposable masks scope of application is introduced

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-13
In the daily life of disposable masks scope in social development, people's living standards gradually improved, however, air pollution is getting more and more serious, people travel will wear disposable masks to keep healthy. The disposable masks in our daily life what are the applicable scope, disposable masks below small make up to give the simple introduce users. Disposable masks can be applied to electronic manufacturing, dust-free workshop 'catering services, food processing, school, riding motorcycles, spraying processing, stamping metal, electroplating, chemical, steel, welding, institutes of hand processing, hospital, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, plant, clean environment, public places and other purposes. Usage: elastic ear GouGua on the ears, with total nasal type, gently press stator fixed, make the face mask and facial joint. Product main technical indicators: carbon tetrachloride adsorption rate: 70% of benzene adsorption rate: 15% or higher resistance: 80% area of weight: 35 ~ 45 g/m2. Note: 1. Size: 9 cmx17. 5. 2. Products: 1. Product introduction: size 17. 5 cmx9。 5 cm, 50 / box, 2000 / box, disposable masks is divided into one-time two layer masks, disposable non-woven masks, disposable masks, disposable activated carbon masks on three floors. 2. One-time three layer mask is made of two layers of non-woven fabric and filter; One-time three layer mask is by the professional fiber non-woven inside two layers for medical and health care, increase a layer of filtering anti bacteria among reach more than 99% of the filtered solution spray cloth by the ultrasonic welding and become, the bridge of the nose in adopting the all plastic article, do not contain any metal, match through steam, comfortable. Filtering effect B. F。 E as much as 99% is especially suitable for electronics factory. Once activated carbon masks is to use surface 28 grams non-woven, middle layer is made from filter paper filter anti bacteria by 99%, anti bacteria effect, prevent virus harm; The middle layer is made using new effective adsorption, filtration materials - Activated carbon fiber and activated carbon cloth is made and be become, have antivirus, deodorization, filtration sterilization, dust, etc; 3. All plastic disposable masks are adopted in production environmental protection article bridge of the nose bridge of the nose clamp design can be adjusted according to different face do comfortable. Choose with ultrasonic welding, ear belt can be quite strong, not easy to fall off. Wearing a mask in everyday life should pay attention to what what is correct way to disposable masks cleaning method is introduced in daily life
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