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Introduction to the Experimental Method of Respiratory Resistance Efficiency of Masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-27
Respiratory resistance efficiency test method for masks is tested separately under outdoor environmental conditions where air pollution is light pollution, air quality index (AQI) is 124 and moderate pollution, AQI index is 163. The test bench is set up in strict accordance with GB2626-'Respiratory protective equipment has a higher jingque degree. Detailed parameters of the anti-haze copper mask for the test. The test in the laboratory adopts the real breathing mode. After the testers breathe freely for 1 hour, the respiratory resistance of the mask is tested. Each type of copper mask is tested for the respiratory resistance of 3 masks at a time. The average of the results of 3 times is taken, and the test is performed 6 times in succession . The effect of mask breathing resistance efficiency on human breathing comfort. The vacuum in the mask during inhalation (peak negative pressure) and the residual pressure during exhalation (peak positive pressure) are called the additional resistance of respiratory protection equipment.  Excessive breathing resistance can easily cause breathing fatigue. Under mild physical load, the maximum fluctuation of oral pressure during breathing caused by respiratory protection equipment and resistance does not exceed 7.5cmH2O, or the increased breathing work per liter of ventilation does not exceed 0.05 (kg·m)/h, then more than 90% of the use People will not experience breathing discomfort.   It is generally believed that the addition of respiratory resistance will not cause cardiovascular and metabolic changes, but the air-supply copper mask can change the heart rate quickly due to excessive weight. Therefore, when making and designing masks, we must consider the respiratory resistance value of the mask, whether it will cause human breathing discomfort, and avoid excessive initial resistance of the mask. 402
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