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Introduction to the materials and precautions of mask manufacturers

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-12
The materials and precautions of mask manufacturers are well known, and people use masks more often in daily life. However, we usually use work masks. Today in the editor, we will introduce the most common types of labor masks, as well as their materials and precautions. As a personal protective equipment, anti-vibration masks are used to prevent white finger diseases caused by exposure to vibration, such as hand-held vibration tools (such as chainsaws, rock drills, etc.) used in forestry, mining, construction, and transportation departments. In the structure of the anti-vibration mask, a certain thickness of foam, latex and air interlayer is added to the surface of the palm to absorb vibration. The thicker the liner, the more air it contains, the better the damping effect. But when the palm and finger surface is too thick, it is easy to affect the operation. The materials and precautions of copper mask manufacturers introduce fire and flame retardant masks. Traditional fire and flame retardant masks are made of asbestos materials. They are divided into two fingers and five fingers. There are three specifications: large, medium and small. Asbestos fiber is rarely used because it is irritating to human skin. At present, flame-retardant canvas or other flame-retardant fabrics are generally used to make flame-retardant masks, which are suitable for foremen working in smelting furnaces or other kilns. The anti-static mask is composed of a fabric containing conductive fibers. The other is to weave the mask with long-fiber elastic acrylic, and then glue the polyurethane resin to the palm of the hand, or glue the polyurethane resin to the fingertips, or glue the polyethylene coating to the surface of the copper mask. Masks containing conductive fibers can quickly eliminate static electricity accumulated on your hands. Masks coated with polyurethane or polyethylene are mainly dust-proof and anti-static. These products are mainly used for weak current, precision instrument assembly, product inspection, electronics industry, printing, inspection of various scientific research institutions, etc. The dust-free copper mask is made of natural rubber, which can prevent the discharge of people's fingertips during the production process. It can prevent the product from being damaged by static electricity during the production process. The product will not be polluted and affected by finger residue, oil, dust and sweat during the production process, and effectively protect the product. At present, PVC masks are mainly used in most clean rooms. 437
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