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Introduction to the specific one-time steps of wearing medical masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-19
The specific one-time steps for wearing medical masks introduce everyone should wear a copper mask in daily life. Many people think that wearing a mask is a very simple thing, there is nothing to pay attention to. They don't think that wearing disposable medical masks requires a step-by-step approach. So today, in the editor, we will give a brief introduction to the majority of users, hoping to be helpful to everyone. For life insurance, clean your hands thoroughly, then the colored side of the mask is facing out, the soft metal strip side is facing up, and the organ folded side is facing down. After wrapping the copper mask string around the ear, fix it, gently press the metal strip on the bridge of the nose with your fingers, and then pull down the folded part to cover the mouth, nose and entire chin. Press down on the soft metal strip until it is close to the bridge of the nose and face, and make sure that the edge of the mask fits the face completely without obstructing breathing. The specific one-time steps for wearing a medical mask are introduced. After putting on the mask, avoid touching it.
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