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Is it really reliable to wear a mask to prevent smog?

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-02
With the advancement of science and technology and the increase in automobiles, petrochemicals, etc., the air quality is also much worse than before. Inhalable particulate matter and smog have greatly affected human health. Therefore, masks have become a must-have item for people to travel. So, is it really reliable to wear a mask to prevent smog? How do you decide whether to wear an anti-smog mask when you go out? Whether a mask can prevent smog first depends on the air filtration performance of the mask. People with a little bit of common sense know that ordinary gauze, cotton masks, and disposable masks do not only make people feel better, but they basically have no filtering effect on PM2.5. Small particles can drive in directly in front of these masks. Medical masks, dust masks, PM2.5 masks, N95 masks, etc. There are many types of masks for anti-smog. People need to understand their dust blocking efficiency when choosing, especially the blocking effect of respirable dust below 5 microns. These dusts can be directly inhaled into the alveoli and have a greater impact on human health. Most citizens buy cheap medical masks and disposable masks. When the smog is serious, it is recommended that people buy professional PM2.5 masks and N95 masks. The anti-smog masks made by Zhanye are effective in filtering dust and small particles. However, the effects of different anti-smog mask brands are also very different, and some masks that are not well-made are not effective in preventing smog at all, so when consumers buy masks, they will face a problem-where exactly? Is this kind of anti-smog mask effective? What kind of anti-smog mask should be effective when we go out? In fact, the more critical factor depends on whether the mask can fit the face as much as possible when wearing anti-smog. The better the fit, the more perfect the function of the mask will be. Professionals also reminded that if you find that the respiratory resistance increases during wearing, or even if you have uncomfortable symptoms such as dizziness, you must take it off immediately, especially for patients with respiratory system and heart disease, to avoid diseases caused by poor breathing. If you plan to reuse masks to prevent haze, you should store the used masks in a clean environment and keep them dry to avoid bacterial growth. If the inside of the mask is contaminated, it needs to be replaced. It is better to use professional dust masks to prevent fog and haze. In order to ensure the protection effect, it is recommended to buy dust masks certified by GB. Some so-called experts say that good masks cannot breathe well, which is an old calendar. The current dust-proof copper mask adopts the principle of electrostatic adsorption, which can prevent ultra-fine dust, has a high dust-holding degree, and breathes smoothly, including heart disease and the elderly. Dust, mostly large particles, is generally captured in the nasal cavity and respiratory tract. Working in this environment for a long time will also cause inflammation of the respiratory tract and lungs. For your health, it is recommended to do a good job of respiratory protection. The current high-grade masks have changed the characteristics of poor breathing in the past, with a high level of protection, and breathing is just as smooth, and the cost is also very low. 1. Dust masks belong to special labor insurance and must be certified by GB2626-2006. Ordinary masks can't be used. 2. Dust masks have a protection level according to the national standard. Low N90 mask, medium N95 mask, high N100 copper mask. Among them, N100 can protect against ultrafine dust ≥99.97%. For good protection effect, it is recommended to choose KN100 grade dust respirator. 3. Dust-proof masks have sizes and sizes according to the national standard. You should choose a suitable size according to your head shape, which has a good airtight effect. 4. Try to choose good ventilation. Some manufacturers of anti-smog masks adopt a double-sided, double-piece design, and the breathing resistance is basically not felt. 5. Try to choose long-lasting filter cotton. Some manufacturers of anti-smog masks use long-lasting filter cotton, which has low respiratory resistance and can be used for nearly a month. The average daily cost is one yuan. Such masks are easily accepted by the public. Related reading: What are the principles for choosing anti-haze masks
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