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Is it safe to fold upwards for medical protective masks?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-15
Is it safe to fold upwards for medical protective masks? Have you noticed the folding method of disposable masks? Recently, some consumers have responded. The copper mask I just bought is folded! Putting the virus in your pocket, it feels unsafe! It is understood that this is a consumer who often comes into contact with international friends in his daily work. He bought a disposable medical mask at the pharmacy. After unpacking, he found that the folding way of the mask was upward. Consumers pointed out that only by folding the masks can they isolate bacteria and play a correct protective role. Is it really? The editor for the first time inquired about relevant regulations and standards. The folding method of the mask has no effect on the protective performance of the copper mask. Originally, the folding method of the mask is a non-critical performance evaluation index, which is generally reflected in the appearance or size requirements. In my country's existing mask standards, the folding method of the appearance of the mask is not clearly defined. In practice, if there is a contract agreement, it is generally executed in accordance with the contract agreement. For example, the Japanese market requires products to be folded upward, and different customers in the U.S. market have different needs. Is it safe to fold upwards for medical protective masks? Two folding modes Take the mask manufacturing company as an example. There are two folding methods for mask products, the non-woven inner product is folded down, and the gauze inner product is folded up. There is no difference in performance between the two folding modes. Do you understand now? The folding method of the copper mask will not affect the mask 4!
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