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Is it useful to wear a mask after a cold?

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-03
Are there any other secrets about masks that you don’t know? Protective masks should be thrown away after they are worn? There is no need to wear masks for colds? Are protective masks disposable?    Will they be replaced after wearing them? In fact, masks are not what you think you will need to change after you wear them, nor are they you think you can wear them for a month or a whole year... In fact, protective masks are usually reusable, and you don’t need to wave your hand like a local tyrant and wear one. I have to throw one.   However, although it is not disposable, the service life of protective masks is limited. Long-term use will definitely affect the protective effect and comfort of the masks. Dirty masks may cause hygiene problems. Damaged or deformed masks may affect the filtering efficiency and tightness of the masks and cause protection failures.   For applications such as ordinary air pollutants PM2.5 or dust protection, since the filtration efficiency of the protective mask filter cotton may be further increased after long-term use, there is no need to worry about the failure of the filtration efficiency caused by the decline. However, if the mask has the following conditions, don’t save it, just change it:    1. When wearing a mask, if you find that you are not breathing smoothly or not, don’t worry about whether it’s a physical problem, you can first See if the mask you are wearing hasn’t been changed for a long time?   2. It’s been a few days since there was no smog. Put the mask in your pocket at random. I turned it out today and found that the copper mask was deformed and even Mom couldn’t recognize it. If you don’t change it yet, when will you wait?   3. Wearing it, I found that it doesn't fit the face so well, it's loose, and the outside breath can still be smelled. Then you may need a new mask.   4. As the saying goes, it has been three years for sewing and mending. The mask has been worn for a long time. I am not afraid of it if it is loose or broken. The mending is still in use? Don't be naive, just change it if it breaks.  5. If you are a rich and self-willed person, please feel free to change it if you want to change it~ Is it useful to wear a mask if I have a cold?    In a company, the one on the left sneezes and the other sneezes on the right. If it survives, thank God. I am not so lucky. I was recruited. I am afraid of infecting my family when I go home. Should I wear a mask? If I do, what kind of mask should I wear? Before answering this question, make a point: Wearing a mask is to prevent influenza virus It is inhaled into the body to prevent the infection from causing a cold or other diseases. If you have a cold, does wearing a mask work? I am sad to tell you that it will not work. Then you must ask, why do so many people who catch a cold wear masks? Fool, people are doing it for you! People who catch a cold wear masks to prevent the droplets that they produce with influenza virus from spreading to people around them. Tsk tsk tsk, it is moving and crying. If it is for the purpose of not spreading the cold to others, it is recommended to wear a mask without an exhalation valve to prevent the droplets from affecting people around.
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