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Is the three-layer dust mask useful for anti-virus and the difference with medical surgical masks?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-30
In normal life, the chances of people using masks are still quite high. For example, if people are in a dusty environment, they need to use dust masks; if people live in severe smog days, they also need to use anti-smog masks; when winter comes and the flu is raging, people You also need to use anti-virus masks. So among the many masks, is the three-layer useful for anti-virus? What is the difference between it and medical surgical masks?      Dust masks are the most commonly used masks in daily life. People living in cities will choose to use them. This type of copper mask is used to reduce contact with external sources of pollution to ensure one's health. Most of the dust masks on the market have three layers. The middle layer is commonly known as the protective layer. It has a filtering effect, but the filtration rate of the does not meet the antivirus standard, so it is usually not It is recommended to use a to prevent viruses, because it does not have such an effect. The medical copper copper mask is also composed of three layers, but the filtration rate of the middle filter layer can reach 95%, which effectively prevents the spread of blood, body fluids and splashes, and can prevent viruses. This is the most important difference between the two.   So for anti-virus, you still need to use professional medical masks, or it is very good to be able to buy N95 masks. 325
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