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Life mask use some matters needing attention are introduced

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-10
Life mask use some matters needing attention introduced mask is very frequently used in life, because the air pollution is more and more severe, wearing a mask can better protect people's health, so people often ignore some details when using a mask, often appear error wear, disposable masks below small make up to give the masses of users using a mask under the simple introduction. The beard is long masks and face contact parts ( Mouth the small beard, it doesn't matter) , if the air is so bad, it is suggested that to consider the beard off after wearing a mask, otherwise it will cause large leakage, affect the filtering effect. Already contaminated masks, put on or take off, all the best to wash hands. Especially the N95 or higher level mask - — When you're wearing, the hand is inevitably come into contact with the outside of the mask. Don't share masks. Pay particular attention to is that medical non-woven masks and activated carbon masks can't wear before and after anti - — In the case of lateral has been polluted, the most serious cases can quickly cause disease. Don't stick your head wearing masks as ears hanging. Can't live on only the 'N' and 'KN' masks to deal with the pungent odor when decorate. Such as a simple 'N95 respirator can hardly filter smell of paint, because paint volatilizes produces organic gases. When had better choose to have activated carbon layer of particulate respirators as 'KN90' 9042 ( Including activated carbon) 。 Air quality index below 150, healthy people go out wearing a mask is not recommended. Index under 50 ( This is really not much) in Beijing Ventilation, it is recommended that willing to home. Go out wearing a mask, in the strength significantly more than fast walking motion must be careful. The physiological load of exercise, the greater the masks for respiratory resistance effect becomes more obvious. So either when the air is very poor. As far as possible to reduce or avoid movement, or change in indoor sports. If you really need to outdoor sports, as far as possible choose cup type, valve masks. What role does the breather valve is analysed fold masks anti-fog haze masks on the market can be reused?
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