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Mask for burning briquettes

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-20
For some factories, burning coal is a work that must be done every day, but long-term coal burning does cause harm to people’s health. What should we do at this time? First of all, we must make money while ensuring our own health. To solve these hazards, what are the hazards to humans caused by burning coal?    1. The hazards of coal burning 1. Bee burning will release carbon monoxide. When the concentration of carbon monoxide increases, it will cause carbon monoxide poisoning.  2. Bees burn to produce dust and sulfur dioxide, which damages the respiratory system and blood circulation system.   3. The smoke produced by burning coal for a long time is bad for the lungs. Easy to cause cancer. Psychological pressure is too great. Will also lose hair. For these, some people will definitely think of using dust masks. It is true that the use of dust masks can solve a large part of the problem. Isolating dust PM2.5 can effectively prevent lung infections, prevent harmful particles from entering the respiratory tract, and can also add Activated carbon filters some harmful gases, which is a must-have for coal-burning workers. So which kind of copper mask should the factory purchase? The editor recommends a useful style for you! Foldable copper copper mask cup-shaped high-grade dust-proof 172
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