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Mask manufacturers introduce the specific types of masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-08
Masks can generally be divided into two categories: air filter masks and air supply masks. The air-supplied mask refers to a clean air source isolated from harmful substances, which is sent to the face of a person through a tube and a face copper mask through a power action such as a compressor, a compressed gas cylinder device, etc. for human breathing.   At present, most of the masks on the market are air filtering masks. The performance of masks is also different due to different filter materials.   Surgical mask: It is made of three-layer non-woven fabric, suitable for use in the operating room environment; it can block particles with a diameter of about 4 microns or more.   Activated carbon mask: Adding activated carbon materials, the main function is to isolate the smell, but the respiratory resistance will increase. At the same time, activated carbon itself is also a source of particulate matter, which is likely to be inhaled by the wearer, which may cause harm to people with chronic respiratory diseases or infirm.   Dust respirator: It is mainly dust-proof and useful when blocking larger particles, but for particles smaller than 5 microns in diameter, the blocking effect is limited and the anti-bacterial function is general.   PM2.5 copper mask: Effectively resist the intrusion of PM2.5 particles, and effectively block bacteria and particles below 0.3UM in the air. However, the current PM2.5 protective mask market is mixed. Masks under the banner of “PM2.5” can be seen everywhere, and there are various types of anti-particulate, anti-formaldehyde and activated carbon types. Not only can they not protect against PM2.5, but they are breathable. Sex is also relatively poor. Chemical fiber fabrics can also irritate the bronchi, causing symptoms such as skin allergies and nose discomfort.   In addition, there are many multifunctional masks such as sun-shading masks, anti-ultraviolet masks, cartoon masks and cycling masks.
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