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Mask manufacturers teach you how to choose high-quality mask products

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-06
There are many types of mask products, and there are many types of mask products on the market, but how do we distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of these masks? manufacturers remind consumers of all kinds of masks on the market that we must choose reasonable and regular products to be responsible for our own health. There are many types of masks on the market, but there are few functional masks that can be inspected by the National Quality Supervision Department. How do we distinguish the products that we prefer to buy? 1. After we get the mask, we will first make a general observation of the mask in terms of packaging, appearance, and materials. We first choose to eliminate the product for roughness, crude packaging, and unqualified materials. 2. Then we will analyze the smell of the copper mask and the comfort of wearing it. The regular copper mask should be an odorless product, so that there is no harm to human breathing. If it is too fragrant or pungent, we still have to choose to eliminate it. . 3. To analyze functional products, we must have a certain understanding and understanding of the manufacturers, so that we can be more assured and use the products.
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