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Mask price: What is the working process of the outer ear belt machine?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-13
price: What is the working process of the outer ear belt machine? In the present invention, the elastic band is fused to the two outer sides of the copper mask body by means of ultrasound, thereby completing the finished earmuffs. Only one operator needs to place the copper mask body one by one on the conveyor belt fixture, and the remaining subsequent actions on the finished product are automatically operated by the machine. The output of this machine is higher than that of ordinary earmuff machines. , Established in 1999. It is a professional equipment manufacturer integrating scientific research/manufacturing/sales/service. The price of masks is a high-end manufacturing enterprise dominated by the application of ultrasound in the non-woven fabric industry. Independently developed and produced three professional machines and equipment: medical labor protection mask machine series, non-woven beauty product manufacturing machine series, non-woven hotel aviation product manufacturing machine series, and various non-standard equipment can be manufactured according to customer requirements. production process: This machine is the next fully automatic equipment to produce aircraft medical masks. The price of masks is highly automated, including cover feeding, automatic ear belt feeding, ear belt welding, side belt cutting, finished product output, counting, finished product palletizing and conveyor belt delivery, which can complete continuous production. Equipped with infrared sensor device, step feeding device, feeding memory device, etc. To a large extent, a good flat mask needs to start from production. A flat mask machine with advanced technology, equipped with high-quality materials, through high-quality and efficient copper mask production technology, the flat mask produced will never let you down! Flat mask machine produced by Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. For more mask information, please pay attention to the mask product column!
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