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Mask standard filter grade

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-12
standard filter grade filter grade In this epidemic, everyone passively accepts many new terms: N95, KN95, FFP2, etc., which confuses everyone. In fact, the level of filtering is very simple, it usually refers to the filtering efficiency that can be achieved by the materials used in the copper mask. Among them, N95 and KN95 indicate that the filtration efficiency exceeds 95. N95 is the NIOSH standard of the United States, and KN95 is the true national standard. As far as testing methods and classification rules are concerned, the two can simply be roughly understood as the same. FFP2 is an EU standard. Although its filtration efficiency seems to be only 94, the air flow tested is 95L/min, which is higher than the 85L/min of Americans and nationals. In addition, FFP2 needs to analyze oily and non-oily particles. Therefore, in most cases, we can regard FFP2 as having N95 and KN95 levels. The above is some discussion and brief introduction of these two foreign standards-after all, the subject of masks cannot surpass the two peaks of the American and European standards. So let's go back to China's top five standards. We can see that the two most stringent standards are GB 19083 and GB 2626. According to the test requirements of N95, when the flow rate is lower than 85L/Min, the filtration efficiency of particulate matter should reach 95 or more. Among them, the GB 19083 standard only targets non-oily particles, while GB 2626 divides the requirements into non-oily (KN series) and oily (KP series) particles with different characteristics and different particle sizes. The most famous KN95 grade is for non-oily particles with a diameter of 0.3m, the filtration efficiency can reach 95 or more. Because particles with a diameter of 0.3m exhibit irregular Brownian motion in aerodynamics, they are more difficult to be captured by the filter material of the copper mask, and particles with this diameter have the highest filtration efficiency. This means that the filtration efficiency of particles of any diameter can meet the requirements. The two standards YY (medical abbreviation, if you want to face it slantingly), the requirements for particle filtration are much lower, YY 0469 only needs to be 30, and YY/T 0969 has no relevant requirements. The most special is GB/T32610. As a recommended standard, it can be said that it mainly targets the air pollution index of PM2.5. The classification of its filtration grade is based on the serious air pollution index. We can also roughly understand that its highest grade A is approximately equal to KN95.
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