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Mask wholesale: process characteristics of disposable strip mask machine

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-13
wholesale: Process characteristics of disposable strip copper mask machine The strip cap produced by the disposable strip cap machine has the following characteristics of disposable sanitary protection products: soft and comfortable polypropylene non-woven fabric, non-irritating to the skin, and comfortable to wear. Drunk comfort adjustment can be customized according to different head types. It can be used in electronics manufacturing, dust-free workshops, catering services, food processing, schools, spray processing, metal stamping, health care centers, handicrafts, hospitals, beauty, pharmaceuticals, factories, clean environments and public places. 1. Performance and features: 1. This machine is automatic. The entire process from feeding to layered products to counting products is automated. Ultra-high power ultrasonic welding is used to effectively fix both ends of the non-woven fabric and rubber band. From raw material feeding to finished product automation, the entire operation only needs one person. Fish-shaped respirator 2. Frequency control. 3. Feed materials to obtain finished products. 4. Automatic constant temperature control. 5. The combination of high-power ultrasonic welding and electric heating. Automatic mask machine Second, the process: 1. This equipment uses ultrasonic heat sealing method, frequency conversion speed control to produce non-woven materials, mask wholesale disposable dust-proof non-woven strip caps to complete the integrated production from feeding to finished products. Third, the production process: automatic feeding-guiding-folding-welding-forming and cutting automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional equipment manufacturer integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. Our company develops and produces professional machinery and equipment: automatic mask wholesaler, n95 mask machine, fish mask machine, etc. And can produce various non-standard equipment according to customer requirements. Welcome customers in need to inquire.
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