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Masks of cleaning and maintenance in daily life you know?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-03
Masks should all have worn at ordinary times, in fact the mask is the most need regular cleaning and maintenance, because this is to prevent the bacteria and the effect of dust is inhaled, if not clean on the mask when wearing the bacteria in the body, can produce certain effect to people's physical health, disposable masks small make up today to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. The first step is to burn a pot of boiling water, the regular script import basin, put the mask in soak 5 minutes; Soak masks basin to recommend the use of ceramic is the best, so I can better my mask residue on the better kill bacteria. The second step is to mask soak for 5 minutes, use soap and clean, also can use detergent to gently knead mask. Masks to rub well quite dirty place, in particular, when cleaning the strength must not be too big, because will make masks fabric loose, this will reduce the function of the dust masks. The final step is to need to clean them with affection with the mask, put the mask on the soap liquid, washing powder, water is rinsed clean. Like clothes, wash clean, dry in the sun, ventilated effect is good. Must be in the sun, well in that we can better disinfection, to the fungus.
activated carbon masks used in daily life time is how long?
masks should all are familiar with in daily life, also can use at ordinary times. Masks, there are many kinds of today we are going to introduce is activated carbon masks, a lot of people for activated carbon masks still is not very understanding, disposable masks below small make up is to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. Activated carbon masks in commonly decorate the environment can be used in an hour or so, if can be used in a cleaner environment for three to four days. If in a very clean environment can be used for a month? Activated carbon masks note is physical adsorption, whether harmful or harmless this mask can be adsorbed, however the mask saturation is faster. If you where the environment is not good to use, must pay attention to the use of time, if the masks adsorption saturation, that is about to change in time, otherwise, they don't protect the work, this may produce certain effect on people's health. The above content is activated carbon mask use time, hope the above content can help to you. Activated carbon masks mainly adsorption some dust, but if the environment of harmful substances concentration is higher, so suggest user or use gas masks for protection.

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