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Masks used in daily life of several matters needing attention are introduced

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-04
Masks used in daily life of several matters needing attention introduced masks everyone is familiar with, in the process of daily life a lot of people in the use of masks are often not very standard, some people even make masks both the front and inside out, there is a lot of consumer method is wrong, when wearing a mask of disposable masks below small make up to introduce to the masses of users simple, here are together and see it. First to tell you that not all people can wear face mask, such as heart disease or who have difficulty in breathing system such as asthma or emphysema patients can wear masks, and also can't wear masks and pregnant women, and the last one will appear after wearing masks or breathing difficulties and dizziness have you can't wear those with sensitive skin. Second time wearing masks in daily life can't too long, if wearing a mask for a long time can let the nasal mucosa become fragile, lost the original physiological function of nasal cavity, so not wearing a mask for a long time. General mask can only be used in the special environment, such as the crowd is more, the flow of air is not to wear. The last point is cotton masks is selling more of a market, this kind of mask can be reused, but weakness is masks have saliva left contact inside the nose and mouth part, if you don't often wash, such bacteria, also do not conform to the hygienic requirements. Introduction to copper mask should be how to maintenance and cleaning of Labour protection glove characteristics of cycling gloves
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