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Medical protective masks: what to pay attention to when wearing masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-14
Medical protective masks: What to pay attention to when wearing masks 1. Do not reuse disposable masks. It is usually replaced every 6 to 8 hours. 2. Lots of dust, bacteria, etc. The outside air tends to accumulate on the outer layer of the mask, and the inner layer is used to block the exhaled bacteria and saliva, so the two sides cannot be used alternately. This will directly suck the dirt contaminated by the outer layer into the human body and eventually become infectious source. 3. If the copper mask is wetted by exhaled hot air or saliva, the function of blocking bacteria will be greatly reduced. Under normal circumstances, more masks should be prepared so that they can be replaced in turns. 4. When not in use, the mask should be stacked in a clean envelope, and the side close to the nose and mouth should be folded inside. When not in use, be careful not to put it in your pocket or hang it on your neck. 5. Pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of hands when removing and putting on the copper mask, because the hands may be in contact with the bacteria attached to the surface of the mask, so in order to reduce the chance of contact and infection, special attention must be paid to the cleaning and disinfection of the hands . 6. In high-risk places, such as hospitals, no matter how long the copper mask has been used, do not use it after it is taken off, so as to avoid contamination after touching the copper mask with your hands.
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