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Medical surgical masks are wear dustproof anti wear anti bacteria is true?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-15
Medical surgical masks are wear dustproof anti wear anti bacteria is true? Haze weather often appeared in recent years, which is also special mask sell fire, but now many people at the time of wearing masks often appear mistake, then today for medical surgical masks, so he wear dustproof, anti wear resistant bacteria? And below small make up together and see it. The disposable surgical masks is mainly made up of three layers of cloth, but there are many kinds of styles, some of the most outer layer is green, have a plenty of blue, and so on, general medical surgical masks are operating instructions, but did not mention that must be used when sick or health, etc. But many say is wearing is dustproof, anti wear is anti bacteria, actually this is wrong, whether it is wearing or anti wear is no difference. Because the outer layer of the mask and layer of the material are the same, are spun-bonded fabric, mainly have the effect of blocking pollutants. So why are different colors, the attention is because the outer layer of blue or green, more resistant to dirty. So medical surgical masks are wearing or anti wear is the same, there is nothing special, so you don't misled by this statement. Hands explodes the skin, cracking, bleeding? For long? Protection must not ready! Why do some hospitals have wear disposable gloves prohibited by the provisions of the elevator?
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