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Non-woven mask how clean, what method?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-27
Non-woven mask how clean, what method? If non-woven masks filter mechanism is to rely on very fine induction fiber cloth, chemical fiber diameter is 1 - 5 micron, has therefore been dust capture very fine induction fiber cloth, is easy for cleaning and separation, and non-woven copper mask after washed by hand, would destroy induction dust removal ability to work, she said, non-woven mask is not clean, it is not can be used repeatedly, which is equivalent to a disposable respirator, after use must be lost. Non-woven mask apply widely, can be used as a health service enterprises, can be used as a beauty, pharmaceutical, good heat insulation, good ductility, good air permeability rate, moisture and water imbibition. Especially for some of the gas air pollutants, can according to the filtering effect, non-woven copper mask some pests completely filter, can guarantee everyone's physical and mental health. However, non-woven mask durability and strength are relatively poor, and non-woven fabrics in the liquid level, can not clean, can not be repeated use. In addition, non-woven masks in the using process, must be careful, its chemical fibers is the orientation of the must sort, so it is very easy to crack from right orientation, looking forward to some level can cause everyone's attention. Non-woven mask what are the advantages of nitrile rubber gloves instructions and matters needing attention
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