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Non-woven mask should be how to carry out cleaning in daily life

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-18
In daily life people travel will wear masks to protect their health, yet people wear after all don't know how to do cleaning, disposable masks small make up today is to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. Non-woven masks wide application, can be used for medical and health cause, can be used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, good insulation, good scalability, permeability is good, both waterproof and water absorption. Especially for some pollutants in the air, you can through the role of the filtering non-woven masks, to filter these harmful material thoroughly, to ensure the health of people. Non-woven masks, however, durability and strength are relatively poor, so the non-woven in washing, not clean, cannot be repeated. In addition, non-woven mask in use process, must be careful, its fiber is a certain direction, so it is easy to split from the right direction, these aspects want to be able to attract the attention of people.
what medical surgical masks are used in the daily life myth
about the shell masks everyone not unfamiliar, should now medical staff at the time of surgery or treatment are all need to wear, but in the use of medical surgical masks when there is often a misunderstanding, then small make up of disposable masks to simple introduce to the customers. Medical surgical masks should meet the YY - 0469 2004 standard for medical surgical masks, technical requirements, the important technical indexes including filtration efficiency, bacteria filtration efficiency and respiratory resistance: 1, the filtration efficiency: in air flow ( 30±2) Under the condition of L/min, median diameter (dynamics of air 0. 24±0. 6) Mu m sodium chloride aerosol filtration efficiency of no less than 30%; 2, the filtration efficiency: bacteria under prescribed conditions, the average particle diameter ( 3±0. 3) Mu m of staphylococcus aureus aerosol filtration efficiency of no less than 95%; 3, breathing resistance: under the condition of the efficiency of filtering flow, inspiratory resistance less than 49 pa, expiratory resistance is not more than 29. 4Pa。
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