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Non-woven mask what are the advantages

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-27
Non-woven mask what are the advantages of non-woven copper mask has two kinds, one kind is the surface layer is for absorbent gauze or cotton knitted fabric production, middle clamp is all kinds of non-woven fabric; Another kind is directly all is made of non-woven fabric. And at present the latest news to say the kinds of surface layer and the back is full of non-woven materials, right in the middle will be a layer of filter, which can make non-woven masks filter function gradually increase. Disposable masks small make up is to introduce the non-woven masks have what advantage? Non-woven mask often favored by people, the main is that it has the following advantages: good air permeability, good non-woven fabric air permeability than others, and once in the non-woven mixed with filter paper, its filtrability will be stronger; And non-woven masks heat preservation is higher than common masks, the water absorption ability, the waterproof effect is good; Non-woven masks, moreover, good scalability, even left and right side is not easy to appear messy rashin, it feels good, especially the soft, even clean many times, direct is also prone to hard in the sun. Non-woven mask elasticity, after long-term application can also restore to its original shape. However, it is also some shortcomings: non-woven masks compared with other textile cloth copper mask, strength and durability are relatively poor, and is not easy to clean, once daily maintenance is not good, very prone to tearing the problem. Of a gauze mask to have? Non-woven mask how clean, what method?
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