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We provide differentiated product solutions and OEM/ODM services for more healthy, more functional, and more comfortable textiles based on existing products.


Our factories are in the forefront of the industry in terms of facilities, production capacity, and services. Our products can be seen in Walmart, CVS, Circle K, on Amazon, and many established outdoor brands. 15 years of OEM experience, we can integrate many textile industry resources, and we have strong confidence to deal with different types of customer orders.

Harvest SPF Textile believes that “From small beginning come great things". Analyzing market demands, most fashion brands find it challenging to meet factory minimums for clothes production at their startup stage. In Harvest SPF Textile, Flexible Supply Chain makes it possible. We integrate manufacturing resources including Textile, Embroidery, Printing, and Dyes Workshop to build a flexible supply chain, which makes SMALL MOQ accepted in Harvest SPF Textile.

OEM&ODM Development Process



We will make a design plan including product planning & development according to your product concept and targeting the market, etc. Please inform us of your inquiry on fabric and styles and even accessories. We are looking forward to the messages like, “a product with this and that fabric is under consideration,” or “want to design xx style.”



We have an experienced design team. Professional designers can design products that meet your expectations according to your needs. We will assign tasks to the corresponding designers who are good at the style you want. We will analyze the current hottest fashion elements and the market needs in your area and providing individualized design solutions.



We will make the first samples as per the design request. Sometimes it needs 2-3 samples procedure till final fitting approval.

We will make pre-production samples based on all final approved fabric and accessories for the final version before production. It will take 1 week after all correct bulk fabric and accessories are approved. It will take 1 to 2 weeks from purchasing materials until outputting pre-production samples.



We will manufacture the product under the strict control of the production process and quality. We will have a variety of product inspections at the production line. The whole production process is of great efficiency.



We will arrange the delivery of the product after the product inspections are cleared. We will select a favorable way of shipment and payment. Delivery safety will be guaranteed. We will provide good customer service. If you have any problems after receiving the products, please feel free to contact us.

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We will serve you the best copper mask, antibacterial mask, copper infused face mask products with the favorite prices.

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