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Of a gauze mask to have?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-26
Gauze mask is the most commonly used masks, and the price is affordable, so most of the people to choose gauze mask. However, in view of the gauze masks worn must pay special attention to methods, or it will harm to its practical effect. How to wear gauze mask? The correctness of the disposable respirator wear method, see the following content: pull on masks of edge band, will face mask to cover mouth and nose, the above two root fasten belt to the ears and head, not can be tied on the ear. Gauze masks to wear a will dirty, some people will put masks, both inside and outside to application of the replacement, this phenomenon is the most easy infection; If is in the hospital and so on high-risk situations, no matter the time length, mask once off don't application, in case the hands touching mask produce pollution. At the same time, also note that don't wear a face mask, should be store in place, it should be close to one side of the nose and mouth folded into, then into the clean spare bags or paper bag; For worn masks necessary to do cleaning every day, every day replacement; In view of the clean gauze masks, heating hot water for 5 minutes, then clean with soap and clean up after dries in the sun. Whether wear or pick masks, are necessary in clean, so the hand touch may be some poisonous chemicals, cleaning up after less than the chemical into the into the mouth and nose.
the correct way of wear the gauze mask you understand?
gauze masks masks are common on the market, and the price is cheap, so most people would buy. Wear gauze mask method, however, it is important to note. Wear gauze mask? Below small make up to you to introduce the correct way of wear the gauze mask, the mask on the edge of the tape, the mask cover your nose and mouth and pull the two belt behind the ears, and fasten your head, not on the ear. In the actual operation process, note that the mask on the copper mask, be sure to grab, do not use hand to grasp, otherwise it will affect the normal use of masks, will also affect the service life of the mask. Also, note that don't wear a face mask, should be properly kept, it should be close to the nose and mouth on one side of the folding inward, then into a clean plastic bag or paper bags in standby; For wearing a mask must be clean every day, every day to replace; For washing gauze masks, blanching first 5 minutes, then wash with soap, should be dried in the sun after cleaning. Whether it be put on or take off mask, must be washed by hand, because the hand may come into contact with some toxic substances, these substances into less after cleaning the nose and mouth.
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