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One-time smog masks on earth can prevent mist haze?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-20
Environment is becoming worse now, often appear haze weather across the country, people travel will wear haze mask, however in many places the smog masks are being fully, so most people will choose other masks to replace, then what on earth can prevent mist one-time smog masks haze, below small make up will come under the simple introduction to the customers. When people is choosing to understand its efficiency of dust, especially 5 micron dust barrier effect. The dust can be inhaled alveolar, cause bigger effect to human body health. Most people buy are cheap surgical masks, haze is serious when advising people to buy special prevent mist haze mask. 'Air pollution is serious, gauze masks have no effect, nor recommend cotton masks, resistance rate of dust is very poor. Recommend N95 masks the respiration valve, compared with the air condition now. 'Said the expert advice. On the PM2. 5, in which of the following particles protection test N95 through rate is less than 0. 5%, that is to say, more than 99% of the particles are locked on the outside. N95 respirator, therefore, the respiration valve can be used for occupational respirators, including particle of certain microorganisms ( Such as viruses, bacteria, mold, bacteria, bacillus anthracis, etc. ) Protection is certainly the best common respirator filter protection effect. However, N95 respirator does not apply to all people. First of all, the N95 respirator permeability and comfort is not good, not suitable for the elderly with chronic respiratory disease and heart failure to wear for a long time. Secondly, wearing an N95 respirator masks and requirement when face closely, if the design of the mask is not suitable for the user's face, could cause leakage. In addition, the N95 respirator is washed, mask use valid also different.
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