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People in life we pay attention to the use of disposable masks

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-16
Life people use of disposable masks should pay attention to what the disposable masks everyone not unfamiliar, people travel will wear disposable masks, however many users in the use of disposable masks when there are often some problems, such as: only cover your mouth and nose not covered; Upside down, metal side in chin; Both positive and negative, that blue ( Green) Color and white face. Instructions, only using a mask correctly, can give full play to its protective masks. General masks outside-in is divided into three layers: the first layer of color waterproof layer ( The company use for blue or green) , can prevent droplet infection; The second guide for filter layer, is where the main filter bacteria; The third layer for water absorption material, can absorb the wearer of froth. In addition, mask structure contains a metal strip, its main role is to prevent the mask off. Proper use of disposable masks should include the following contents: masks are positive and negative points, should be blue ( Green) Face, white face. White surface material is more soft, close to the face will be more comfortable. Masks don't upside down, the only metal strip on the pressure on the bridge of the nose to wear method is correct, this mask is not easy to fall off. Appeared only to cover your mouth and not easily also, not covered the nose, unless people intentionally. Analyses the copper mask should be how to properly use and care of disposable masks worn four steps
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