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People with asthma wear gauze mask what pay attention to?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-27
12. HTML release date: 2014 03 - 25 according to the material is different, the kinds of gauze mask in the cold winter, the traveling, generally very cool air, direct inhaled, often feel nose hurts, because the cold air of the nasal stimulation is too large, so small make up different people to tell you what pay attention to what kind of face copper mask should be worn. People with asthma or allergies choose cotton gauze masks and the layer 3 or 12 layer can be, but should have good air permeability. This copper mask to prevent intake of germs, warm effect, but avoid by all means choosing the mask made of chemical dyes design. If it is the site or other work under very bad environment, can choose N95, KN90 type of face mask, the mask has good sealing, can effectively filter the oil particles, but the permeability is poor, affect breathing. In addition, the citizen buys new masks, must be used again after cleaning, exposure, which can avoid the masks of residues and bacteria cause other diseases. Include the production of various specifications of the gauze mask, among them for people with asthma specially developed series of masks, wear comfortable, easy breathing, have very good permeability and filterability, especially in the winter cycling will suffer cold wind blowing, such patients should pay attention to protect their respiratory system as well.
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