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PM2 is analysed. 5 mask to wear, how should choose?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-01
Now the weather slowly turns cool, many users will consider to buy a suitable for their own masks, however, the nature of the masks on the market is much more special, let users don't know how to choose, as the deterioration of the natural environment, now the fog haze weather is more and more severe, so most people will choose PM2. 5 masks, so should be how to wear and choice, disposable masks below small make up is to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. In industrial and medical level of masks do have a few strong protection ability, but industrial masks particles are used in the test is 0. 3 micron, PM2. 5 is very fine particles, to cut off the PM2. Five particles have higher request for technology. 'If you want to let the mask to PM2. 5 have a resistance, the copper mask is very close, but people use masks most cannot ensure hundred and face seal, there is a little gap, PM2. 5 can enter. How prevent mist haze mask selected, PM2. 5 wearing a mask work? 1, to prevent droplet infection ( Caught a cold fear of sneezing affects others, for example, or are affected by other people sneeze) , the market of non-woven disposable masks. 2, outdoor, sports fans, it is suggested that some professional sports brand respirators. But this kind of mask main consideration is the wind dust proof, a few products for PM2. 5 although protection ability, comprehensive prevent mist haze masks standard price factors, is not recommended for ordinary consumers. 3, to prevent bad breath, or pollution of the chemical materials, it is recommended to use a replaceable filter in the field of professional mask, but keep in mind that this type of face mask for PM2. 5 there is no protection.
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