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Pregnant women wearing masks in life to pay attention to

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-26
What mask pregnant women wearing masks should pay attention to life you should be familiar with, many residents at the time of travel will wear masks, main is to assure the health of people body. So what pregnant women wearing masks should pay attention to in daily life, disposable masks below small make up to give the simple introduce users. Respiratory resistance if pregnant women in the first point, masks masks is durable, easy to breathing difficulties, it is easy to affect the growth of fetal abdomen. Therefore, generally recommend that pregnant women at the time of pregnant women choose masks priority should be given respiratory resistance. Had better choose 50 pa resistance. If the resistance is 30 pa, it can be seen as a good women mask. Pregnant women mask has relatively low respiratory resistance and good air permeability. The second point, mask mask smell smell degrees should be each to buy masks the biggest pain. If you buy a mask for pregnant women, you can't stop smoke. The first thing you will be hurt by the smell of the mask, and many harmful to human body. Masks should refuse to mask smells good taste, the pregnant woman. Especially the high sensitivity to the taste than normal pregnant women. The third point, mask filter filtration efficiency is the most important indicator of masks. Usually, a good pregnant women face mask filtration efficiency is higher than 95%. For example, N95 respirator or KN95 mask. Best view when buy the mask test report of the brand. Fourth, mask wear comfort comfort including mask fabrics close skin, nose masks masks comfort matrix, masks in nasal strips of metal security, more important is whether directly affected by the wear uncomfortable ear ear comfort. Fifth, masks the tightness of the pregnant woman tightness to determine whether a mask wear masks. If pregnant women mask was leaked, masks are no longer good. Disposable surgical masks to consumer choose and buy from what aspects in daily life anti influenza use masks are what pay attention to
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