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Prevent mist haze masks on the market can reuse?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-04
As the air pollution is more and more severe, many areas frequently, fog weather, lead to people in many parts of the travel will wear haze mask, many people choose in the smog masks often blindly believe the manufacturer's slogan, actually choose must take the quality standard to choose from. Many users in order to save costs, often masks to prevent mist haze reuse, so what can be repeated use, disposable masks below small make up will come under the simple introduction to the customers. Folding belt valves prevent mist haze masks can be repeated use, is not a disposable respirator. With valve prevent mist haze mask is not a one-off, masks can be repeated use, not used must be thrown away at a time. Only in individual cases, worry about reuse mask can lead to disease ( Such as hospital operating room use) Pollutants, or masks are extremely dangerous, worry cause secondary pollution in storage ( Such as particle radioactive) Masks may not be repeated use, rules. 3. If prevent mist haze masks the actual use of time is short, there is no health problems, and prevent mist haze mask no failure ( Such as deformation, damage, or respiratory resistance increased too high) , you can reuse.
non-woven mask can prevent virus on the market?
said to mask should all are familiar with, a lot of people in society have non-woven masks, because non-woven mask has good air permeability, has the very good filtering performance, but also has very good waterproof effect, much better than a gauze mask. A lot of people will think non-woven mask can prevent the virus, so can't antivirus, disposable masks below small make up will come under the simple introduction to the customers. For antiviral, antibacterial infection, we suggest surgical masks. In addition to high health requirements for surgical masks, medical protective mask also has the function of effective blocking splash. Due to blood during surgery or the possibility of infectious fluids splash, the splash has a certain pressure, rather than general liquid penetrant, and mask material blocking the ability of the relatively high pressure liquid. Only in this way to be effective. Antiviral agent. Therefore, in the standard of medical protective mask, special testing methods were used to test the barrier fluid properties of the product.

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