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Prevent mist haze masks worn method you do the right thing?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-20
Prevent mist haze masks worn method you do the right thing? Now social environment is more and more bad, often there will be a dust storm and haze weather, people will buy anti-fog haze mask to wear, but really know prevent mist haze masks the correct way to wear few, disposable masks small make up today is to introduce the anti-fog haze under the correct way of wearing the masks. Different anti-fog haze mask material its effect also different, masks, non-woven mask, cotton gauze masks, surgical masks can stop the dust on the road, but the fog is very limited, the effect of anti fog masks should consult relevant medical staff before buying; Often masks should change, cleaning, drying or disinfection, to prevent the adsorption on the mask of bacteria and harmful particles in the human body; Don't bring too thick or too thin mask, wearing a thick copper mask is easy to for a long time makes nasal mucosa too fragile, but caused by other diseases, and the thin copper mask to filter the air will reduce the ability of bacteria, dirt, etc; Most masks worn should be close to both cheeks, then pulling edge of masks, to that of the jaw joint, to press the metal strip after surgical masks to wear well. Professional prevent mist haze masks for us is one of the more common appliances, different anti haze respirator use is different, we will choose as winter thick cotton masks, which can protect the face, avoid the wind, and the winter climate is dry, the air quality is bad, with anti-fog haze masks can also be used to avoid disease, and avoid inhaling dust particles, especially the poor air quality in the city, but also need a mask to protect our health. http://www。 ammex。 com. Cn disposable respirator manufacturer to share how to choose suits own masks. Why do some hospitals have wear disposable gloves prohibited by the provisions of the elevator?
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