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Prevent particulate respirator users should be how to choose?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-08
Prevent particulate respirator users should be how to choose? Masks everyone should not unfamiliar, the types of masks on the market have a lot of, but as more and more serious air pollution, many businesses are launched against the particle mask, so for this kind of face mask should be how to choose, disposable masks below small make up will come under the simple introduction to the customers. A lot of people to prevent particulate respirator is mainly the use of special filtering material, rely on the three-dimensional structure design, thus forming and face seal space, main can protection object for particulate matter, including dust, fog, smoke, and microbes and able to enter the lungs in the depth of the particles. User when use in daily life should pay attention to the brand standards, mask, use environment, with or without breathing valve as well as the design size, etc. , to introduce to you in detail below. 1, implement standard choose masks the PM2. 5, the first thing to observe packaging and product ontology, look to whether marked with clear and approved respirator standards ( Different countries) , such as 'N95', 'FFP1' etc. 2, mask brand choice brand products not only have detailed rigorous protection object, the filtering effect and standards, let a person with trust, and a relatively more complete, the product prevent particulate mask covers a variety of specifications, function and size, for people to choose room is big. 3, using the environment against the particulate mask a lot of features, first look at the use of the environment, if the environment pollution is oily particles is given priority to, the use of N95. 4, with or without respiration valve to see if need to cold flow valve. Have cold flow of breathing valve mask can quickly release out heat, effectively reduce the face temperature, and continuous long time if you need to wear a mask, in the respiration valve will be more comfortable, but the price will be more expensive. 5, design size cannot be folded is stereo cup type mask, go out is not convenient to carry and collapsible masks are relatively more health and convenient. Respirators have different shape, small face, or a big face may be more easily and masks or children to choose special. Introduction to activated carbon masks really works? The characteristics of the Labour protection glove of cycling gloves
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