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Respirators to buy time to check what details?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-20
Respirators to buy time to check what details? Said to mask everyone not unfamiliar, should be in autumn winter season people wearing masks, but many users at the time of purchase respirators will ignore many of the details, the user at the time of purchase masks should check what details are, disposable surgical masks below small make up will come under the simple introduction to the customers. Buy masks must see whether the respirator manufacturer has & quot; 3 card a sign '( The original) 。 At the same time the respirator products are in conformity with product label or instructions, complete parts, function effectively, meet the requirements of the relevant national standards. Also look at the product identification: factory name, address, etc. ; Product name, trademark, the production license number; Model, filter box model and standard color; Manufacturing orders or production batch number. Designated business units or enterprises to provide copies of relevant information, including: 3 card a logo, product manuals, test report and other related information. The appearance of the respirator plastic without damage, corrosion, such as the imperfect; Structure connection is firm. http://www。 ammex。 com. cn/goods。 asp吗? Every disposable surgical masks to talk about those people are not suitable for wearing a mask? Why do some hospitals have wear disposable gloves prohibited by the provisions of the elevator?
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