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Safety analysis of medical protective masks?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-15
Safety analysis of medical protective masks? Nowadays, people in society basically wear disposable masks when they travel. However, many people worry about their safety and ask whether the copper mask cloth is safe. The following editor of disposable masks will briefly introduce this knowledge to users. First of all, in terms of fabrics, disposable mask fabrics are non-woven fabrics, also called non-woven fabrics. Its manufacturing process is different from traditional spinning, weaving and knitting. It is a textile with a fiber layer. The fiber layer can be an oriented fiber web or a disordered fiber web, or a blended fiber web and a traditional textile weaving, or through chemical bonding, the formed non-woven fabric is a copper mask cloth. The fiber layer of this cloth has a good filtering effect, so some friends who question the protective function of disposable masks can rest assured. In addition, from a structural point of view, the safety analysis of medical protective masks? . Disposable masks have a good fit and can fit closely with the human face when worn. In the design, there is a metal strip on the upper end of the copper mask, which can adjust the fit degree according to different faces. No matter your face is big or small, you can fit it. In summary, the disposable copper mask cloth has excellent performance, can play a very good protective role, and there is no safety problem.
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