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Sales of surgical masks need what certificate?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-22
Sales of surgical masks need what certificate? 1008. HTML release date: 2020 - 07 - 13 10:50:36 currently, surgical masks masks major points ( Medical protective mask, medical surgical masks, disposable surgical masks) , labor insurance masks and daily respirator three categories, can be to surgical masks for epidemic prevention. As early as 2003 during the period of SARS, the state food and drug administration about medical disposable protective clothing and other products of notice of classification in medical disposable protective clothing, medical protective mask and surgical masks is divided into the second category of medical equipment management. Article 30 of the regulations on the supervision and administration of medical devices provides, is engaged in the second category of medical equipment management, the business enterprise to the local districts municipal food and drug supervision and administration department of the people's government for the record and submit it in accordance with all relevant requirements are engaged in medical equipment operation condition proof materials. If need in the online sales, but also according to the measures for the supervision and administration of medical device network sales provisions of network transactions for the record. Business sales for prevention of surgical masks, therefore, need to relevant departments for the record, there is no corresponding qualification sales behavior of surgical masks, belong to the illegal business, subject to administrative penalties, if the circumstances are serious, or even face punishment. For the above content and question, welcome to click on the top left corner contact head small make up consultation to discuss with us! Xie asked. According to the supervision and administration of medical devices management measures ( 2017 revision) Article 4 of the first chapter: according to the degree of risk of medical equipment, medical equipment management implement classified management. Class I medical devices shall be run without permission and for the record, and shall adopt the filing management system operation and the second category of medical devices, business class iii medical devices shall be subject to the licensing system. As a result, sales of surgical masks to the second category of medical devices for the record license certificate. If you're online sales also need to network marketing for the record registration certificate approval is very fast. In addition, shenzhen new epidemic prevention and control of the second category of emergency medical devices registration certificate. If your business is redundant and related medical masks, can go to apply for registration certificate, and sales.
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