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Negotiation + Quotation

Conduct business negotiations according to your product needs. After accepting the appropriate quotation, we will validate the requirements and prepare the production of samples.




We have 10 years of production experience, excellent manufacturing capabilities, sincere cooperation willingness, and strong control over the market direction. We will manufacture the product under the strict control of the production process and quality. We will have a variety of product inspections at the production line. The whole production process is of great efficiency.

Samples+ Confirmation

We will make the first round counter samples as per the design request. And then we will make CAD paper patterns and samples while communicating with customers to make products that ultimately satisfy customers. After the customer confirms the sample, both parties sign a purchase (production) contract.


After mass production is completed according to the customer's order, we will inform the customer to inspect them. We will arrange the delivery of the product after the product inspections are cleared. We will select a favorable way of shipment and payment. Delivery safety will be guaranteed. We will provide good customer service. If you have any problems after receiving the products, please feel free to contact us.

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