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Share how to choose anti-smog masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-08
Masks are a necessity in people's lives, but with the development, anti-smog masks emerge in endlessly, and how to choose a mask that suits them has become a problem. The mask manufacturer is here to tell you the main points of choosing anti-haze masks. Only by mastering these points and choosing the right anti-haze masks can you protect your respiratory health. 1. Choose a certified anti-smog mask. Check whether there are instructions on the mask packaging to pass the test. If there is, it proves that the filtering effect is satisfactory. 2. Check whether the anti-smog masks are individually packaged. Also read carefully the product packaging instructions of the mask. 3. Choose anti-particulate and anti-smog masks. Choose a copper mask with a three-dimensional design, because a mask with a three-dimensional design is more in line with the shape of a person's face. In addition to the filtering effect of the material on the PM2.5 of the anti-smog mask, there are two key factors: 1. Whether it is on the face. Whether there is air leakage around the nose and chin, the anti-haze effect of masks that do not seal well on the face is greatly reduced. 2. Whether breathing is unobstructed. If you do not exhale smoothly, you will have a noticeable feeling of holding your breath, and the water vapor will increase. Friends with glasses will cause glasses to fog! The above is the selection of anti-smog masks introduced by the mask factory. I hope it will be helpful to you.
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