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Share the role and validity period of disposable masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-20
Sharing the role and validity of disposable masks As environmental pollution becomes more and more serious, lung cancer has become the most harmful disease in the cancer family. In some special industries, disposable masks have emerged. So, what role can disposable masks play? How long does it usually last? The following is the answer of the disposable mask manufacturer 1. The role of disposable masks: Disposable masks contain filter paper, which is highly filtered, and contains lead and carbon cloth, which can play a role in preventing viruses. There are four types of disposable masks. Among them, the disposable three-layer copper mask is very strict and meticulous. There are two layers of woven cloth and filter paper. The two layers of woven cloth feel comfortable and will not cause any irritation to the face. Molecular toxins are more effective and protect people's health. machine has strong air permeability, but does not affect the filtration of toxic gases, can keep warm, strong water absorption, light weight and full of elasticity. 2. Use time of disposable masks: Generally speaking, the validity period of disposable masks is four hours. It is recommended to replace it in time after more than 4 hours, otherwise bacteria may multiply. Disposable masks cover a wide range of places and fields, such as schools, food processing and electronics manufacturing companies. These places are crowded with people, and the virus is easy to get infected. Therefore, when you wear a copper mask, you not only protect yourself, but also others, which greatly reduces the spread of viruses and diseases. Especially in some manufacturing or processing industries, dust is most likely to appear. When this dust enters the respiratory tract, it will pose a hidden danger to everyone's safety and have a great impact on the lungs. By using disposable masks, dust can be prevented from entering the respiratory tract and various diseases can be avoided. It is a mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprise that develops, manufactures and sells n95 copper mask machines, medical labor insurance copper mask machines, non-woven beauty products, non-woven travel products, non-woven medical consumables and non-standard automation equipment based on ultrasonic technology. The company has its own professional Ru0026D and design team, as well as super-skilled finishing, assembly and debugging teams, and can customize various non-standard automation and equipment according to customer requirements. The automation equipment designed and manufactured has been widely affirmed and praised by more than 1,000 customers at home and abroad.
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