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Should we wear masks in winter?

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-10
When winter comes, the cold wind and sand will come oncoming, and many people choose to wear masks when they go out. However, recently there has been a heated discussion on the topic of wearing masks. The topic is whether to wear masks in winter? Or not to wear a mask?    Generally speaking, wearing a mask is still effective in preventing polluted air and preventing wind and sand. However, masks also have many potential safety hazards. If they are used improperly, they will not only fail to protect the body. The effect of health can sometimes even backfire, causing harm to the human body.  1. Reasons for not wearing masks:   1. Masks are not effective for heating and disease prevention   In winter, many people wear masks just to keep warm. But in fact, the heating effect of masks is not only bad, it is not effective in preventing diseases, and may even reduce the body's immunity. Because the human nasal mucosa has a rich network of blood vessels and spongy blood vessels, the blood circulation is very active, and it has a natural warming effect on the inhaled cold air, and the human nasal duct is very tortuous, which greatly increases the area of u200bu200bthe nasal mucosa, making The heating effect is further enhanced. As a result, when the cold air inhaled by the human body enters the lungs through the nasal cavity, it is already close to the human body temperature due to the heating effect. However, when a person wears a mask, the air exhaled from the body will turn into water on the mask. On the one hand, it will make the face feel colder. On the other hand, the humid and relatively unhygienic environment is not conducive to the mouth and nose. The health of the part.   In addition, the body’s ability to resist cold should also be improved through gradual exercise. If you wear a mask all day, the nasal cavity and the entire respiratory tract will not get exercise because they are not exposed to cold air, and your immunity will slowly decline, and you will be more likely to catch a cold.  2. Wearing a mask has certain health risks  Wearing the same mask for multiple days, sometimes even turning the mask upside down for convenience, is even more harmful to human health. After wearing a mask for a period of time, both the inside and outside will become unhygienic, and the outside will carry a lot of pollutants such as dust and bacteria in the outside air. The inside of the mask will be stained with the gas and saliva that you exhale, and there will also be some bacteria, viruses, etc. If you wear the same mask for a long time or wear it upside down, it will cause the stolen goods on the mask to be sucked into your body, which may cause illness.   If it is necessary to wear a mask, you should usually prepare a few more. It is best to change it once a day. When cleaning the mask, you should first put the mask in boiling water for a few minutes, clean it and then put it in the sun to dry, so as to have the effect of sterilization and disinfection.   2. Reasons for wearing masks:    1. Wearing masks in fog is good. Foggy weather is harmful to the respiratory system of the human body. This is because foggy days are not conducive to the diffusion of pollutants in the air. In addition, foggy weather is directly related to low pressure, poor air circulation, and increased inhalable dust. These pollutants can irritate the respiratory tract and cause discomfort such as coughing, which can induce pharyngitis, Diseases such as tracheitis and conjunctivitis. At the same time, inhalable particles, sulfur dioxide and other pollutants in foggy days are the main factors that induce asthma and chronic bronchitis.  Remind everyone that on foggy days, if citizens go out in the morning fog, they can wear a copper mask, and they should wash their faces and hands after going out and eat less irritating food. At the same time, early exercise is best done after the sun comes out and the dense fog has cleared.  2. Wearing a mask can protect you from the cold more or less   Although many people say that wearing a mask cannot prevent diseases, it is undeniable that wearing a mask can still keep you warm. Think about it, if that bitter cold wind blows directly on your face, well, how uncomfortable it should be. Wearing a mask is different. Even if it is windy, it is blocked by the mask.  The above is a simple analysis of whether to wear masks in winter. Everyone has their own opinions, but I still hope that everyone will wear masks when they go out. As long as you pay attention to the method of use, and wash them frequently, you can avoid hidden dangers.
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