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Smog strikes, how to choose a mask to prevent haze

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-27
Smog is no stranger to everyone, it is common in cities. In many areas, fog is combined with haze as a warning and forecast of disastrous weather phenomena, collectively referred to as 'smog and haze.' We can't stop breathing every minute and every second, and the harm of air pollution is everywhere, leaving us at a loss. The first thing that comes to mind is masks. In fact, masks are not only needed for smog days, but also for the protection of masks. But there are many kinds of masks on the market, including medical ones and daily protective ones. How to choose a suitable mask? Let's explain.  1. Classification of masks  1. Disposable masks can block larger particles, but small particle viruses can easily pass through, and the bacteria are limited.  2, medical mask    uses a three-layer non-woven fabric, which can block particles with a diameter of about 4 microns or more. According to general medical standards, for 0.3 micron particles, the permeability of medical surgical masks is 18.3%, and that of ordinary disposable medical masks is 85.6%, indicating that medical masks are also very limited in blocking small particles.  3. Anti-smog mask    is mainly a mask with the anti-haze function that isolates PM2.5, and also has dust-proof functions. Wearing a protective copper mask is mainly used to prevent fine particles, but also to protect large particles.  4. Activated carbon mask    uses activated carbon as a raw material, mainly to reduce unpleasant odors, but the effect on particulate matter is not obvious, and the respiratory resistance will increase.  5. Ordinary gauze mask    is actually a fiber mask, which only serves as a mechanical barrier, which can block large particles, but cannot block particles with small diameters.  6. u200bu200bIndustrial copper mask    mainly blocks the dust and toxicity brought by the industry, and needs to be targeted for different operations. 2. According to the situation, wear a mask. 1. Prevent infection. When suffering from respiratory infections or contact with such patients, such as cough, influenza and other droplet-borne diseases, you should wear a medical copper mask; while, like chickenpox, it is airborne. For diseases, medical protective masks should be worn.  2, anti-smog  The main culprit of the haze particles of harmful substances in the atmosphere is PM2.5. The diameter of PM2.5 particles is less than 2.5 microns. The smaller the diameter, the deeper the part that enters the respiratory tract. The particles below 2 microns can penetrate into the bronchioles and alveoli. Therefore, you can choose a special anti-smog mask or N95 mask, but you should pay attention to the tightness of the mask and the face, otherwise the degree of protection will be greatly reduced.  3, anti-dust, windproof and cold    people with chronic rhinitis are susceptible to the irritation of particulates in the air to cause symptoms, so they can wear masks appropriately. Generally, the particle diameter of dust is 1~75 microns. Wearing a mask can block most of the dust from entering the respiratory tract. You can choose a general cotton mask or medical mask.
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