One-Stop Solution Service Provider for all kind of Healthy Functional Copper Mask, Antibacterial Mask, Copper Infused Face Mask Products.



We have always been able to give our customers what they really wanted.


We also provide one-stop solutions for special needs such as clothing and textiles designed for special people or a particular scene.


Our research and development team has abundant experience in designing yarn and fabric. In Harvest, we apply advanced technology into the creation of our products, according to the fast-changing market demand. We keep integrating high-performance functionalities into general clothing and materials, as a result, we have accumulated rich experience in this field, which enables us to control the whole production chain, from fiber making, yarn spinning, fabric knitting and weaving, dyeing and treatments, to the making of finished products.


Our R & D and improvement of a series of products such as anti-sweat T-shirt, copper compression gloves, diabetes socks, hip protector shorts, new men's boxer shorts have endowed our industry with rare in-depth research and development ability. Combined with many years of experience in the traditional trade field, we can develop a complete set of product plans and put them into practice according to the needs of customers. Even though you were unfamiliar with the textile industry and international trade, We are still confident that you will receive a satisfactory reply.


One-stop Customized Process

Customer consultation request

Business consultation


Design development and sample confirmation

Production concept and sales strategy confirmation

Acceptance of main and secondary materials




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