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Standards for the use of disposable medical masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-13
In view of the quality of the current living environment, we often choose to wear masks when we go out, but for disposable medical masks, what requirements should be met? What standards does it have? What is the difference between it and ordinary gauze masks. Disposable medical masks can effectively block dust and foreign objects from entering the human oral cavity and respiratory tract, prevent cross-infection of germs, and remove harmful gases, thoughts, and malodors in the air. Printed masks are inexpensive. Designed according to the curvature of the face, they can be more closely attached to the face. Various colors meet the preferences of different groups of people. The prints are fashionable. Printed masks are a must for safety protection when traveling. Disposable medical masks have a unique printed appearance, which can protect the human respiratory tract without losing beauty. It is widely used in daily life to isolate dust and virus. The production standards of medical masks should meet the technical requirements of national masks. Masks can be divided into rectangular and close-fitting types. They should be equipped with nose clips. They have good surface moisture resistance and are non-irritating to the skin. The airflow resistance is 85L/min. The inhalation resistance should not exceed 35mmH2O, and the particle filtration efficiency of the filter material should not be less than 95%. You can also use a copper mask that meets the N95 or FFP2 standard. In fact, for any medical gauze copper mask, it should meet the requirements of filtering air impurities in actual use. It is more important to protect the human body. Recommended reading: How to buy high-quality haze masks
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