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Surgical masks is analysed in use process should pay attention to the problem

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-31
Surgical masks is analysed in use process should pay attention to the problem of people now appears, wearing masks to travel, especially in the cold of winter, there will be more people wearing masks. However, users in the use of surgical masks are casual basically. When using surgical masks is particularly want to pay attention to the problem of few people concern, disposable masks below small make up to give the users a simple introduction, come and see it below. Appropriate to wear time, 6 - medical respirator can continue to application 8 hours, encounter the following situation should be replaced in a timely manner: respiratory impedance increased significantly ( Difficulty in breathing) ; Masks have damaged or destroyed; Face mask and facial cannot be closed ( Not be closed when the inspection) ; Masks contaminated ( Such as having been contaminated with blood or droplets, foreign body) ; Used in the isolation ward or patient contact ( Because the mask has been pollution) ; If containing activated carbon masks, masks when there is peculiar smell. Wear or experiment was carried out, after wearing surgical masks should be face seal test. A simple test method is: after wearing surgical masks, forced expiratory, air can't leak out from the mask edges. Do not use hand to squeeze the mask, a variety of masks including N95 mask, can only put the virus isolation in the surface layer masks, if squash with the hand mask, the virus with droplets wet mask, still have a chance to virus infection. Surgical masks to use after processing method, abandoned surgical masks do not casually discarded, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution. General environment used surgical masks to into the medical rubbish bins. The protective efficiency of surgical masks and wear time is of concern to everyone. When selecting a surgical masks its filtering efficiency is important, but also want to choose good seal performance, able to face and good with people, and choose to breathe easy. How to choose and wear masks can be effective in preventing disease characteristics of Labour protection glove of cycling gloves
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