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Teach you to identify inferior masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-02
Currently, the 'copper mask shortage' is getting worse and worse. Some unscrupulous traders took advantage of this opportunity and sold fake and shoddy masks on a large scale.  How to distinguish the quality of masks and whether they are true or false? Here are a few simple and easy methods to teach you.   Use packaging information to verify the authenticity of masks. For regular flat medical masks, the production license number of the product will be marked on the outer packaging. This is because medical masks are medical devices, and companies must obtain a production license number before they can produce it. This number can be verified on the website of the State Drug Administration. In addition, the manufacturer's brand can also be used as an important reference for selecting masks. Some well-known brands can be checked by scanning the QR code on the package. Non-professionals should buy from formal channels.  Whether the copper mask contains melt-blown nonwoven fabric  The key protective role in the mask is the melt-blown cloth. Due to its high price and the recent shortage of supply, some fake and inferior masks have not been used. Two methods can be used to judge whether there is melt blown cloth in the mask:    1. Cut the open cover to observe the middle layer. The melt blown cloth is located in the middle layer of the copper mask, and its structure is dense and white; while the spunbond cloth has relatively loose structure and high transparency. In addition, the strength of meltblown cloth is very low, and it breaks when you pull it by hand; the strength of spunbond cloth is higher, and it needs a lot of force to tear.  2. Direct observation of appearance Melt-blown cloth has a dense structure and almost no light transmission; many fake and inferior masks that do not contain melt-blown cloth have high light transmission, and the facial skin is faintly visible when worn.  Whether the melt blown cloth is electrostatically charged   In order to make breathing as smooth as possible, while meeting the protection requirements, the qualified melt blown cloth for masks will undergo an 'electret process'. The surface of the fiber after the electret has a large amount of electric charge, and the fine particles are intercepted by the electrostatic adsorption effect. Therefore, it has a noticeable attraction to hair, iron filings, etc. Although the amount of meltblown cloth in a single mask is small, the effect of adsorbing hair is not obvious, but the existence of electric charge can also make it adsorb on the wall. Although some of the fake and inferior masks have meltblown cloth, they have not been electret, or due to poor technology, long storage time and other reasons, the electric charge dissipates, and its protective performance will naturally not meet the standard.   In addition, the various homemade masks that have recently appeared on the Internet, such as diapers, grapefruit peels, towels, etc., are not recommended. Homemade masks generally have poor air tightness and have not undergone strict disinfection and testing. It is difficult to protect them, and they may be contaminated with bacteria or viruses during the homemade process.
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