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The advantages of pm2.5 anti-smog masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-13
The pm2.5 anti-smog copper mask is a multifunctional product that combines modern biotechnology with traditional masks. It is mainly made of marine organisms and herbs for extracting ingredients by mixing on the basis of cotton fiber The green textile developed has better skin-friendly properties after the improvement of traditional masks, anti-allergic, comfortable Xiaoyan, and can better protect the skin. PM2.5 anti-smog masks can effectively filter PM2.5, formaldehyde, car exhaust and other harmful gases in the air. It is also rich in a variety of active factors, which can inhibit and eliminate a variety of bacteria and reduce the chance of getting sick. . The pm2.5 anti-smog copper mask has good air permeability when breathing and will not hinder breathing. The design adopts three-dimensional tailoring technology, which conforms to the physiological structure of the human body. The design of the nose bridge is highly plastic, not easy to break, and the ears are lanyards. It adopts a strong elastic design, the elasticity can be adjusted according to the needs of its own needs, so as to ensure more comfortable in use, the design of the breathing valve allows the normal exhaust gas when exhaling, so that the exhaust gas in the body can be discharged quickly. The valve will automatically close when inhaling and feeling negative pressure to prevent the inhalation of external pollutants from causing harm to the body. The price of the anti-smog masks on the surface is also very different, with high, medium and low prices. Our company produces professional anti-haze masks all year round, which are convenient for everyone to use. They are available in high, medium and low prices. They are of good quality. They can effectively resist the interference of haze and weather. There are many styles and types. They are suitable for people with different faces and needs. All have different designs. Welcome everyone to inquire.
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