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The benefits of wearing pm2.5 masks on smog days

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-15
Does wearing a mask play a protective role in smog? Many people are concerned about this issue. Next, let's follow the labor insurance to learn more about this knowledge. Wearing a copper mask plays a role in filtering pollutants and is definitely effective in preventing PM2.5. However, due to the different materials and layers of each mask, the filtering effect will be different. So, does wearing a copper mask play a protective role in a haze day?   Has a haze day, does wearing a copper mask play a protective role?   Beijing Chaoyang Hospital Breathing According to Zhang Hong, deputy chief physician of the Department of Critical Care Medicine, there are two types of medical masks, one is medical protective masks, which are based on aerosols and can filter out aerosols of 0.24±0.06 microns in diameter. , The effective rate of protection for aerosols with a diameter of 0.3 is 95%, that is, the commonly referred to as N95 masks, the inhalation resistance is about 300 Pa, and it feels that breathing is blocked. One is a medical copper mask, which is mainly used to prevent bacteria. With Staphylococcus as a reference material, the protection efficiency is above 90%, and the protection efficiency for 0.3 micron aerosol is 30%. For PM2.5 particles with a diameter of 2.5 microns, there is also a protective function. However, to distinguish the types of masks, you can’t just look at the shape of the masks. You have to read the product description and the product name. For example, according to national regulations, medical protective masks are marked with the national standard number GB19083, and medical surgical masks are marked with the medical standard number YY0469. In response to the current phenomenon of mixed fish and dragons, conceptual hype, partial generalization, and false propaganda in the current mask market, the China Consumers Association recommends that relevant national departments regulate the production and sales of mask products as soon as possible, revise and improve relevant standards, and promote technological innovation and improvement. Product quality, to provide consumers with high-quality protective equipment. Experts suggest that you should wear a mask in the haze weather. The use of medical surgical masks is economical and practical and will not increase the burden of breathing. Zhang Hong pointed out: You must wear a mask in the haze weather. Medical surgical masks can have a protective effect, and the breathing resistance is relatively small. point. Professional anti-smog masks, which can replace the filter paper, can also play a protective role.   From an economic and practical perspective, Zhang Hong recommends the use of medical surgical masks to prevent fog and haze. Zhang Hong said that medical surgical masks are somewhat similar to ordinary disposable masks, but the materials used are different from those of ordinary disposable masks. Although there is a nose clip to help the mask fit on the bridge of the nose, there is no tight fit between the mask and the face. The inhalation resistance is 50 Pa and the exhalation resistance is 29 Pa. Breathing is relatively smooth. Medical surgical masks are medical devices and can be bought in hospitals and pharmacies. Medical surgical masks will be marked on the packaging. The price is much cheaper than N95 masks.  How to wear it correctly?   When wearing a mask, first make sure that the mask fits the human face, the N95 clip and nose are attached, and the iron wire of the medical copper mask is adjusted to the bridge of the nose to prevent air from directly entering the body without passing through the mask. When removing the mask, do not touch the inner surface of the mask with your hands to prevent contamination. For masks that need to be replaced with filter elements, throw them away as they are contaminated, and they will not be able to protect them.  Different types of masks have different breathing resistance. Wearing a mask is difficult to have both anti-haze and comfort. Pi Xiaolin suggested that when the weather is bad, people with respiratory diseases or the elderly should stay at home, close the doors and windows, and do not go out. Children should not wear masks for too long. The size of the mask should be suitable for the face of the child, and the breathing resistance of the mask should not be too large.  Patients with pulmonary heart disease, chronic bronchitis, and asthma cannot breathe smoothly. Professional protective masks will increase the burden of breathing. Such people cannot wear them. At the same time, remind you that you cannot exercise when wearing professional protective masks, otherwise it is easy to cause hypoxia.   If you feel that the smog is really terrible, and you are unable to improve the indoor environment, then you must insist on wearing a mask indoors in the smog. Whether it's the office or the home. If you have any questions about the knowledge about children's travel, such as what to pay attention to when traveling in special weather, please continue to pay attention.

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