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The choice of disposable surgical masks have what standards?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-23
Soon to fall, haze weather also will slowly up, then the streets will be wearing a lot of kinds of masks. However, masks have disposable masks, ordinary masks, surgical masks, activated carbon masks, etc. Then today it said surgical masks, surgical masks are high-efficiency electrostatic filter material, and Shanghai is the picture print appearance, so when selecting a surgical masks have what standards, below small make up to introduce to you. A, the dust respirator efficiency. The discretion of the efficiency of a copper mask is the fine dust, especially for 5 micron dust efficiency as standard. General gauze masks and the principle of dust is a mechanical filter, namely when the dust fly into gauze, through layer upon layer of blocks, will be cut off some of the large particles of dust in the sand cloth. But for some fine dust, especially in less than 5 micron dust, just don't cut off. Now there are some overseas copper mask, the filter material is composed of filled with permanent anti-static fiber, those less than 5 micron dust through the process of this kind of filter material, by electrostatic attraction and adsorption on the filter material, real resistance dust. Second, mask and facial shape seal degree. When the shape and the face mask is not closed, as will never closed in danger in the air leak into, enter the human respiratory tract. So, even if you choose no good masks of filter material can protect your health. Now many overseas laws and regulations, standards, regulations, the worker should mask seal test on a regular basis. The purpose is to ensure that workers use appropriate respirator and grasp of a mask to prevent mist haze. Third, comfortable wearing masks. Its requirements include respiratory resistance is smaller, lighter weight, wear health and maintenance is convenient. So workers would love to stick to wear in the workplace. Maintenance-free type of face mask, now don't have to clean or replace parts, when the dust was saturated or mask can directly discarded after breakage, that is to ensure that the mask health and was relieved from the maintenance workers face mask of time and effort. And many masks are adopt arch design, and the face shape can be ensured and good and can be in the mouth and nose to retain a certain space, comfortable wearing. In addition to the sanitary requirements higher, medical respirator should also have the function of the effective barrier fluid spillage. Surgical masks material block has the ability to pressure liquid should be relatively high, only in this way, can effectively protect the medical personnel, so in the standard of medical protective mask, adopt the special testing method to test the barrier fluid of this kind of product performance, and general industrial environment using the black shield to prevent mist haze of masks, don't need to have this kind of special requirements, testing standard and natural no such rules. In addition, medical respirator exhalation valve is not permitted. This is due to medical respirator allow used as surgical masks, if wearing a mask of exhalation valve, exhale will be carried by microorganisms in direct discharge masks, pose a threat to patients undergoing surgery. And many industrial respirators are the design of the exhalation valve, but wear dustproof prevent mist haze of exhalation valve mask is much higher than those without a valve.
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