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The cold bonding method and process of medical mask joints are very important

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-19
The cold bonding method and process of medical copper mask joints are very important. As we all know, the belt conveyor has the problem of belt adhesion. If convenient, it is best to use endless belts that are vulcanized and thermally bonded at the factory. However, many users use on-site welding methods. On-site welding is mainly based on cold welding, and its welding method and welding process are very important. If good technology and methods are not adopted, the service life of adhesive tape joints is very short, and some joints even break within 3-5 months. 1. Disadvantages of the old process belt conveyor. Under normal circumstances, the method is usually used to connect the conveyor belt by mitre or direct method. First, the conveyor belt is peeled into three or four layers. It is generally to increase the tensile strength of the joint. Because there are one or two layers of cloth on the surface adhesive layer, the tensile strength of the adhesive conveyor belt joint is improved, but it also brings some problems, that is, the overlap at the joint is too hard, whenever the conveyor belt runs to When bending at the joint and at the turning drum, the elasticity of the surface adhesive layer becomes worse due to the cloth layer, and the lap joint at the joint often opens and warps. Especially the seams on the working surface are more serious. Therefore, water and sand enter from the beginning, which greatly shortens the service life of the conveyor belt joint. In the new conveyor belt bonding technology, a layer of 50 mm wide pure surface adhesive layer without cloth is peeled off at the upper and lower adhesives of the conveyor belt interface. The elasticity of this 50 mm wide pure surface adhesive layer is far better than that of cloth. Adhesive layer on the surface of the layer. soft. Therefore, this kind of seam will not produce seam gluing and warping. And can extend the service life of conveyor belt joints. 2. Improvement of cold bonding of conveyor belt method. Usually, when bonding the belt, when sewing after applying glue, both sides of the belt joint will be clamped by hands or wire pliers, and lifted for sewing. The glued surface is easy to get dirty after gluing. After a few days of bonding, it will cause local glue opening on both sides of the belt joint. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the following measures can be taken: (1) First paste a few rubber strips on the back of the adhesive surface method. After peeling off the joint part, before roughening the bonding surface, first paste 4 to 6 rubber strips (ie, working surface adhesive) on the back of the bonding surface of the joint. During formal bonding, people will carry adhesive strips to sew, so as to avoid contamination of the glue on the bonding surface, reduce the problem of soiling the bonding surface, and reduce the number of seams. (2) Method Before joining the glued seams, cover the lower seams with a brand new and clean folded plastic plate, and then gently cover the upper seams on the plastic plate for joining. After joining, lift up one end of the joint and slowly remove the plastic plate. This method not only solves the problem of difficult welding, but also avoids pollution and painting.
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