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The correct way of using the disposable masks you know?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-21
The correct way of using the disposable masks you know? Now science and technology constantly improve, automobile, petrochemical enterprises is also more and more, the progress of science and technology at the same time our environment is becoming worse and worse, bacteria and dust particles in the air is also more and more, and frequently, haze weather weather. So this time should be how to safeguard their own health, this time will need to use the disposable masks to protect, but many people do not know the correct way of using the disposable masks, below small make up to give the simple introduce users. 1, disposable masks color have white and blue on both sides, the white side took a, a metal strip side up, at the bottom of the first two tapes in the neck, and back up! To mask the bottom of the chin to the roots. 2, the mask on the edge of the tape, will face mask to cover mouth and nose, the above two chalaza fasten to the ears and head, not on the ear. 3, with both hands index finger compression mask nasal roots above a wire, to make it close to the nasal skin, then gradually move your index finger to the side, is the mask to the face skin. 4, after take off the mask, wrap them in tape or paper bags, add the trashcan disposed with a cover, and wash your hands in time. The above content is to tell everyone how should correct wear disposable masks, hope can help to you. Disposable surgical masks can prevent PM2. 5? Why do some hospitals have wear disposable gloves prohibited by the provisions of the elevator?
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